Most sales reps have made their fair share of cold calling potential clients. Love it or hate it, cold calling is likely something you’ve had to consider when mapping out your sales strategy. While cold calling can be nerve-wracking, there are some significant benefits to picking up the phone and speaking with a potential client who has an open mind and is curious about your product. On the other hand, there are so many unknowns, cold calling can become exhausting and discouraging quite quickly.

On the fence about whether cold calling is right for your sales team? Here are some of the top risks and rewards to cold calling, and a few strategies to boost sales along the way.

The Risks of Cold Calling Potential Clients

Let’s start by outlining a few of the drawbacks to cold calling. Talking on the phone is awkward to begin with, and talking with a total stranger can be downright uncomfortable!

You Risk Annoying Your Client

Annoying the client on the phone is every rep’s worst nightmare. Receiving unsolicited phone calls irritates even the most mild-mannered among us, and cold callers are all too familiar with being greeted by a frazzled manager on the other end of the line. Without an introduction to your product, a scheduled phone call, or any previously indicated interest, you could be walking into a conversation that’s frustrating and unproductive for both parties.

Cold Calling is Inconsistent

The other major drawback to cold calling is the inconsistent results. Sometimes a well-timed cold call results in an influx of new business, and sometimes reps go weeks on end without making a sale. This is difficult not only for your bottom line and sales goals, but can be damaging to your reps’ self-esteem. Call-related fear and anxiety might result in sales call reluctance, poor performance at work, and a lack of client growth over time.

The Rewards of Cold Calling Potential Clients

Although there are some pitfalls to cold calling, the rewards are immense if your sales reps find their groove. The flip side of inconsistency is endless possibility! With so many potential clients out in the world, cold calling is an excellent way to expand your horizons.

You Discover New Prospects

When you’re not confined to a specific list of prospective clients, there’s no limit to the realm of possibility for expanding your business. After all, if cold calling never worked, no one would do it!

Cold calling is a great way to reach new customers, and to spread product awareness within the market. New clients might be able to point you in the direction of even more business, plus you will gain insight into your target audience and most productive client conversations.

Your Reps Gain Sales Experience

For old hands and newbies alike, cold calling is a great way to brush up on rusty sales skills or try new tactics. Since there’s no prior client relationship, cold calling is sometimes less stressful since your reps have nothing to lose if they don’t make the sale. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, if your reps are struggling with sales call reluctance, cold calling might help them get back on the horse. After all, practice makes perfect and cold calling is excellent practice.

As an added bonus, cold calling can be done anywhere. With remote work on the rise since COVID-19 hit the scene, reps might appreciate the opportunity to get work done no matter where they are in the world.

You Make an Immediate Personal Connection

If a cold call goes well, it’s usually due to a personal connection between the sales rep and the client. When reps are excited about a product and convey their enthusiasm to the client, they immediately present an excellent impression of the company.

Additionally, calling a client on the phone allows reps to gain instant feedback on pitches and tactics. Without the veneer of emails and texts, sales reps have to show up ready to impress their client over the phone. While this might add some stress, it requires reps to be up-to-snuff on company policies, product details, and updates.

Sales Strategies Beyond Cold Calling Potential Clients

For many companies, there’s a happy medium between cold calling potential clients and sticking with familiar territory. One of the best ways to gain new business without reps spending hours and hours pursuing unproductive leads is to employ the help of a lead generation service.

LeadJen offers professional SDR services in a budget-friendly format, designed to fit your company’s specific needs. LeadJen works with a team of experts to generate qualified lead lists so your reps never have to make a cold call again, and instead can focus on closing the sale.

No matter where you land in the cold calling debate, it’s always essential to explore your options. Luckily, with the help of a lead generation service, some of the exploring if done for you, and all that lies ahead is smooth sailing.