Michael Tasner, one of the most sought after and respected marketing authorities today, and Chief Marketing Officer for Guerrilla Marketing,  will be a keynote speaker at LeadJen’s Demand Generation Summit on Sept. 7th in Indianapolis. Tasner will be speaking on how Guerrilla Marketing utilizes your time, energy and imagination rather than money to produce better results in your marketing.

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Hear from leading marketing expert: Michael Tasner, Chief Marketing Officer for Guerrilla Marketing, the biggest marketing brand in the world, and hand trained by the father of Guerrilla Marketing himself, Jay Conrad Levinson.

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Michael will share how Guerrilla Marketing utilizes your time, energy and imagination rather than money to produce better results in your marketing.  It’s low cost and high impact.  At the end of the day Guerrillas don’t count up traffic, leads, or sales, they count up profits. Michael  will teach you how to implement Guerrilla techniques in your business – techniques he has used to build his own online marketing and design firm, Taz Solutions, which is currently one of the leading marketing firms in the world.

During this workshop style presentation, Michael will focus on how to create profits through low cost marketing, including:


  • Identifying which of the top Guerrilla Marketing weapons cater specifically to your business.
  • Developing a simple seven sentence marketing plan that is short, effective, and cuts to the heart of your marketing needs.
  • Demonstrating the exact marketing template to use, grade, and make changes to during your twelve month marketing calendar – the same technique that Michael uses with his 100+ millionaire business owner clientele. 
  • Uncovering the three most common marketing mistakes that, when fixed, will grow your profits instantly.
  • Discussing the current trends in marketing and exactly how to capitalize on them for maximum b2B impact.

This dynamic presentation revolves around actionable information that you can apply and implement in as little as 24 hours leading to instant increases to your bottom line.  No fluff, no theory – just solid information that is backed by 25+ years of testing across thousands of different industries and business sizes.  And the best part?  Guerrilla Marketing works 100% of the time when deployed correctly and will work for your business too.  Michael Tasner will show you how to make sure your missile never misses the mark.


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