In our business, Client results are predicated on our activity. This is why we are hyper focused on supporting our reps so they have what they need to focus on quality activity for our Clients.

Currently, our reps are expected to make 100 touches (on average) per day per Client. 

This is A LOT of activity. 

We support our reps in a variety of ways to help them increase activity so they can focus on doing what they need to drive results for their Clients. 

We believe it’s a combination of technology and talent that produces results.

Sales Manager

Admin tasks bog most people down. This can be particularly true for sales reps. When you get in a “flow” as a rep, the last thing you want to do is stop to build a report. We have a Sales Manager in place to help with all the admin items that would normally distract a rep. This consists of items like building reports, creating the initial message draft, working our Clients, building lists in DiscoverOrg, etc…


For most reps, building prospect lists could take several hours every week. Instead of having our reps scour the internet and LinkedIn to identify prospects, we leverage DiscoverOrg to recommend accounts and contacts based on Client criteria. It now takes 1-2 hours a week to identify a lead list of 100 – 200 target leads and we have much better account and lead intelligence to use in our messaging.


Once leads have been identified in DiscoverOrg, they are pushed into our sales acceleration tool, FrontSpin. FrontSpin is our prospecting engine. Built into FrontSpin are tools such as email cadence automation, email and call templates, an autodialer, email engagement notification (i.e. – when a lead clicks), stats, etc… This is the engine of the prospecting program. It accelerates all the outreach that our reps do by removing a lot of the manual effort.


Both DiscoverOrg and FrontSpin are connected to our instance of Salesforce. This allows us to push and pull data simply and quickly. All of our activity metrics and results are populated in our instance of Salesforce, so we’re able to see Client reports in real-time.

All of the above processes and technologies allow our reps to be extremely efficient, so they can focus on what they do best: having conversations and converting leads into qualified appointments. 

If you’re interested in getting a demo of how we leverage our team, DiscoverOrg, FrontSpin, and Salesforce to build Client campaigns, then please feel free to email me directly at