INDIANAPOLIS, IN — (October 14, 2010) — Sales and marketing organizations struggling to increase the quality of leads entering the sales funnel can look to a new alliance between Astadia (, Jesubi ( and LeadJen ( that offers a proven process to bridge the gap between marketing automation and CRM solutions, generating better qualified leads.

Astadia, which began as a customer of both LeadJen and Jesubi, is partnering with the companies to offer an end-to-end marketing consulting solution. The companies bring together customer lifecycle management solutions delivered via Astadia Cloud technologies, Jesubi software that helps sales reps manage interactions at an accelerated pace and enhanced knowledge of the prospect gained through the human touch of LeadJen’s outsourced lead generation.

Astadia sees value in working with both Jesubi and LeadJen and adding their expertise to Astadia’s Cloud solutions. Clients with internal prospecting teams will benefit from the increased productivity and knowledge gained through using Jesubi, doubling the productivity of their teams by increasing their touches per prospect.  This is accomplished through a proven web-based process and easy point-and-click system to manage interactions at a faster pace than competitors, while integrating with other CRM systems.

Clients needing outsourced lead generation and boardroom knowledge can benefit from LeadJen, which bridges the gap between lead generation and sales by adding the human touch.  LeadJen’s team of highly trained outbound callers provides enhanced lead scoring, intelligence gathering and appointment setting.

“We have heard loud and clear from our customers that sometimes marketing leads need to be moved further down the sales process before they are ready to be handed off to sales reps,” said Pablo Zurzolo, Vice President, Product Marketing at Astadia.  “This alliance helps us complete our marketing consulting solution of data, lead generation and prospect qualification.”

“Marketing automation solutions are good at generating leads, but they offer incomplete information about how qualified these leads are when they are given to sales reps,” said Jenny Vance, president of LeadJen.  “LeadJen provides the human touch that qualifies leads and applies the same analytics used in digital marketing and sales opportunity management.  As a result, better qualified leads are placed in the sales funnel and marketers have boardroom ready knowledge and market insight to improve company performance.”

“Jesubi delivers the information needed to quickly see how your prospecting campaign is performing, giving marketers unprecedented insight into what actions are driving the best results,” said Bill Johnson, president of Jesubi.  “Jesubi clients gain these insights while seeing sales productivity increase from 50 percent to more than 300 percent over traditional tools.”

About LeadJen

LeadJen is a B2B lead generation company that uses unparalleled data and insight to drive prospect interactions that convert to sales.  The company’s committed team and proven, repeatable process benefits clients targeting industries including, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, financial services, life sciences and high tech. LeadJen is based in Indianapolis.  For more information, visit

About Jesubi

Jesubi is a dynamic software company that develops and markets solutions for increasing sales productivity. Founded in 2006, Jesubi is the first web-based solution built from the ground up to optimize end-user productivity while prospecting. For those companies who have already invested in an opportunity management solution, Jesubi can integrate into the leading opportunity management systems like, NetSuite, or Microsoft CRM.  For more information, visit

About Astadia

Astadia improves customer lifecycle management in marketing, sales, and customer service.  As the ITX (Cloud Transformation) innovator, we deliver strategic analysis, operational design, technology deployment, and ongoing support for companies moving IT infrastructure or applications to the Cloud.  Astadia has done more implementations than any other integrator, and our certified technology experts and process improvement consultants have delivered thousands of solutions in more than 30 countries. Our additional partners include, Eloqua, Google, Amazon, Jigsaw, and many more. For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter at @AstadiaCloud.

For information contact:

Clarus Communications for Jesubi and LeadJen

Linda Muskin, 847-432-7300