First of all, the real purpose of the call is to uncover if the company is in a position desirable for setting appointments with our clients.

Once you have found that they would be a good fit for the solution offering, you might run into some prospects that are just simply

  • Too Busy: Ask to set an appointment a few weeks out.
  • This way you are respecting their time constraints and also making sure they fulfill the appointment opportunity.
    Gatekeeper: Use your best judgment.
  • Working with the gatekeeper can sometimes help you. Inform your contacts administrative assistant of why your calling and try to uncover some critical appointment setting qualifications.
  • Undetermined Refusal: Always represent the brand of you company in the best light.
  • People have bad days, and people misunderstand you as “just another solicitor.”
  • Remember, you have been in these situations too. Sympathize with prospects and respect their decisions and literally tell them that. Before the conversation ends try to reference alternative communication they can review at their leisure or ask to follow-up at a better time per their preference.

Prospects are people that have bad days and get mad too. But they also give second chances.