Business owners can find it challenging to call strangers, talk about their offering, set up meetings, and cajole them into buying one of these products or services. It isn’t easy – even the most seasoned sales veterans can shudder at the thought of picking up the phone and dialing in. But even if you’re terrified by the idea of calling strangers, you cannot downplay the importance of cold calling.

Cold calling is a proven strategy in the playbook of many businesses. Despite the rise of digital marketing, the telephone is still a powerful and trusted business tool for advertising your services and products – it allows a direct connection between a representative from your company and a future buyer. Don’t take our word for it? Many high-growth businesses such as Uber initially relied on reps who dialed for dollars.

However, having a dedicated team of sales representatives who cold-call prospects requires expertise, time, and resources. Your company’s brand image and goodwill will depend on the way your cold calling team will work. Since so much is at stake, you’ll also have to be extra cautious while recruiting, training, and constantly monitoring your cold calling personnel. That’s why outsourcing cold calling operations is chosen by many business owners. In this post, we’ll break down the benefits of how to outsource sales calls.

Here’s why your business should outsource sales calls

Accessing a strong workforce

When your business hires an experienced outsourced cold calling partner, you’ll gain access to their technological advantages and sales expertise. Seasoned vendors can manage even the most complex telemarketing campaigns, customer service schedules, and lead generation programs. Leading outsourced sales teams have robust processes that can be tailored according to your business needs. Even better, top outsourcing vendors have access to the latest technology that improves cold calling outcomes.

Minimizing operational costs

Many startups plan on maintaining an internal sales department. Nonetheless, doing cold calling burns money. First, hiring and training new staff members eat money and time in equal measure. On top of that, it’ll take one year for a single employee to contribute to your business’ growth. That means you’ll have to pay out of pocket for that period. Outsourcing cold calling services will save you time and money and streamlines the sales experience..

Boosting business productivity

Outsourced sales calling enables you to bring down your staff’s size or to free up internal resources. If you assume that your calling team will make 14 successful dials hourly, then you’ll have nothing to worry about. However, chances are that your internal sales team already has so much on its plate that it won’t deliver such amazing results. That’s where a sales process outsourcing agency steps in.

A reliable sales outsourcing partner will never let you throttle your business pipeline. For example, in some situations, a dedicated sales associate won’t be available to cold call and needs to focus on closing deals—in such times, on-call backup sales personnel will fill in for that associate. The best part is that you can plan with your outsourcing partner to ramp up or down the calling agents depending on the current requirements while paying only for hired resources.

Gathering data-driven insights

For every leading sales process outsourcer, cold calling doesn’t simply mean scripts, callers, leads, and dials. Instead, it’s about carrying out successful campaigns that foster long-term relationships with consumers.

To deliver these results, an experienced sales outsourcing partner will do more than clogging your pipeline with just first sales calls. Instead, a sales outsourcing vendor will continually fine-tune your ideal prospect’s profile and take data-backed steps for benefiting the majority of your prospects. To get accurate data, the outsourcing partner harnesses the latest technologies for recording calls and deriving real-time market intel. Every statistical data list will also be stored in your data repositories so that your internal sales team can view it anytime.

Outsource Sales Calls With LeadJen

After going through all the benefits, are you convinced to outsource cold calling? If so, LeadJen the partner of choice. Since 2004, we’ve built our expertise in closing sales through cold calling. Other than having the expertise, we have the technology and capabilities to design and implement cold calling solutions that generate leads and grow your business. Connect with us and see how we can help your business achieve its sales goals by harnessing cold calling.