The surefire path to growing your business is increasing sales. However, that’s easier said than done. This is especially true if your organization doesn’t have a sales development team (SDR team) that’s hard at work doing the type of systematic customer research, prospecting, and lead qualification that generates revenue.

When it comes to sales, you have a choice. You can build an SDR team in-house. Or, you can out source all of the team’s related functions.

Building a team from the ground up may not be practical for your organization. You’ll have to recruit and train sales development reps, hire a sales manager, gather leads,craft your prospecting messaging, plan activity levels, and assemble the right sales enablement tools. Doing this takes time, energy, and money that your organization may not have available to commit to sales.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, is sort of like getting an SDR Team in a box. The entire revenue generating machine is pre-assembled, self-managing, and ready to start selling with out a considerable investment in time,energy, and money.

If you pick the right partner—one with a client-centric business model—here’s what you get.

You Get a List of Highly Targeted Leads

A list of highly targeted leads is the lifeblood of any sales effort. Sales reps need contact information in order to reach out to prospects. Without a list, there is no one to call or email.

The results of your sales efforts are only as good as your list of leads. As the adage goes: garbage in, garbage out. Many companies waste time and money searching for the best lead source. Often, they get a list that isn’t very targeted or accurate. The result is that sales reps spend valuable time calling numbers that don’t connect and sending emails that bounce back.

Why go through this when you can work with a partner that will source the list for you?  The right partner will gain a level of understanding of your business that will enable them to obtain a list of leads that fits your target market criteria. If you’reselling to a specific industry, in a certain geography, to a precise company size, or even to a particular job title, your outsourced partner will be able to get the names and contact information necessary to produce qualified leads.

You Get Effective Messaging

You’re a specialist when it comes to your market and how you deliver your product or service. And,sure, you had to do some selling to get to where you are now. But, just imagine how much more efficient—and profitable—the sales process would be if you had professional salespeople working for you. That’s what an outsourced SDR team brings to the table.

An expertly assembled SDR team knows how to take what you know about your market and your brand and turn that knowledge into a 15-second telephone pitch or a 4-sentence email. It takes a deep level of collaboration between your organization and your outsourced SDR team to create effective messaging that gets sales results.

You Get Activity and Trained Talent 

Sales are generated by the right level of activity. To determine the right level of activity, your outsourced SDR team will work with you to set a sales goal. Then, they will reverse engineer a scope of work based on that goal.

For instance, if you need 10 meetings each month to close enough deals to meet your sales goal, the SDR team may create a list of 200 to 400 leads. Using those leads, the sales reps will go through a touch point cadence that might involve anywhere between 4 and 12 calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages over a specific period of time. It’s professional persistence that gets results.

Once someone answers the call or responds to a message,that’s when the talent portion comes into play. Because your outsourced SDR team comes pre-trained, they are ready to have the type of conversation with the prospect that qualifies them and moves them through the sales cycle.

You Get Access to Data

One common concern when outsourcing sales is not having visibility into what the outsourced team is actually doing. If you managed an in-house team, and had the right technology in place, you would always know the activity level and the results of your salespeople’s efforts. At the very least, you could simply look over their shoulders.

A lack of visibility won’t be an issue with the right partner. That’s because the right outsourced SDR team will set up an instance of Salesforce just for your organization. All of the sales activity will be tracked inside of that Salesforce instance enabling you to have ongoing access to that data. You’ll be able to see all the leads, all the contacts, all the notes, and all the activity reports.

LeadJen is Your SDR Team in a Box

Our core philosophy is that we are an extension of your organization. We make every effort to look, talk, and act like you do. To accomplish this, we get to know your organization before we bring together all of the necessary infrastructure and resources to build a successful U.S.-based SDR team that is customized to fit your sales needs.

We also provide a sales manager, who is your main point of contact, so you don’t have to manage the inner workings of the sales program. Moreover, we can assemble an SDR team in two weeks. Attempting to put together an in-house team might take you several months of focused effort.

If you’re curious about how we go about delivering your SDR team in a box, contact us, and we’ll gladly share our process with you.