In B2B Sales and Marketing, it’s critical to build your client profiles accurately enough to understand who your ideal clients should be. That said, we want to provide some B2B sales tips that drill down on some key items that will help you reach your ideal customers and convert to leads with these 5 tips.

5 B2B Sales Tips For Building An Ideal Client Profile

  1. Clear Value Proposition
  2. Solve Their Problem
  3. Account Focus
  4. Correct Titles
  5. Messaging That Resonates

B2B Sales Tip #1: Having A Clear Value Proposition

You’ll want to make sure you understand your value prop. But what is a value prop? It’s simple. It’s a short and concise synopsis of what you offer. In sales and marketing, it can be considered the backbone of how you sell and promote yourself.

That said, we often think we have our value props nailed down. If you are a start-up, you’ll want to keep in mind who your value prop is going to resonate with.

In other words, who’s your ideal client profile or target audience? What language do they speak? Are they utilizing buzzwords and keywords that might be unfamiliar to you? And how does your solution solve your ideal customer’s problem? If you don’t know. Well, now is the time to dive deeper into your ideal customer profile strategy.

Tip #2: How Your Solution Solves Your Client’s Problem

I want to ask a couple of questions. Does your client have a specific problem that your solution solves? It should. This will be your main driver for generating better leads. Ask yourself, “What value can we provide to someone struggling with XYZ”

In addition, it will help you and others understand specific pains about those you should be targeting in your campaigns. For example, “Others we’ve spoken to, are experiencing pains with XYZ and we’d like to quickly share more on how we help reduce pains with our solution if this resonates.”

As a result, this will provide insight to you and your sales and marketing team. Uniquely, allowing them to revisit data, targeted titles, and core messaging that might not be driving results.

Tip #3: Have an Account Focus

If you are taking a product or service to market, you’ll want to hone in on your account focus. But what does that mean? Well, there are a few things like; company size, industry type, SIC codes, NAICS codes, and Technology currently being used. Once you have these items identified, you’ll have a better shot reaching your ideal customers.

At LeadJen, we utilize DiscoverOrg with intent data. It’s a sales intelligence tool that allows you to create hyper-targeted lists: Search by job function, tech stack, industry, size, physical location, keywords and more. By implementing sales intelligent tools like DiscoverOrg, you can spearfish the exact targets you need to optimize your outreach.

Tip #4: Have Correct Titles

Having correct titles are going to make or break your campaign effectiveness. However, it will provide you the insights you need to better understand who is and isn’t a good fit for your offering. We recommend having at least 6-8 titles.

You might be asking yourself, “Why? That sounds time consuming” Not necessarily, it helps significantly during the prospecting process if you don’t know who will benefit from your services. However, it might take some time if you aren’t utilizing a sales development and lead generation company to maximize these efforts.

Therefore, you might want to consider outsourcing your sales development tasks. At LeadJen, we are equipped with the sales intelligence and automation tools that can handle the volume needed to create a successful campaign.

Tip #5: Craft Messaging That Resonates

You will need messaging tailored to your specific personas. As a matter of fact, you should mention what your solution is going to help out. Although, that comes with knowing who your personas or ideal target audience might be. In addition, keep in mind simple buzzwords and keywords that may resonate quickly to reduce confusion.

Likewise, be certain you know who will understand your language, even if it is familiarized within your organization. However, don’t assume that with others because I’ve spent enough time throwing out buzzwords on cold-calls in the past. In fact, I realize that people in roles you would expect to know them, don’t.

Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to break down your message to a human level that’s more relatable and easily understood. For example, if you were talking to your kid, would you say, “Honey, I know you might be sick but is it your uvula that’s sore or is it further down the trachea?” No. You would dumb it down to the language that’s more commonly known so less explaining is needed.

If you can understand your value prop concisely enough, narrow focus your accounts, extract the right titles, and craft messaging that resonates, you will be successful in your outreach.

Now, that we’ve discussed 5 B2B Sales Tips for building your ideal client profile, you can expect a higher return on investment in your outbound prospecting and marketing objectives.