Why outsource sales and lead generation services? On average, the success rate of cold calls is less than 3 percent. That means if you have a list of 10,000 names on your cold-calling list, then you may get only 300 appointments. The chances of success with cold calling are slim, yet they remain critical for the function of a sales department. Without them, companies miss out on critical leads that can bring them optimal success.

When you outsource cold calling services and take the help of experts to bring in more leads, you can allocate your best salespeople to closing deals. When your business outsources cold calling, it’ll free up resources so that they can focus on closing the perfect deal. And that’s just a start.

In this post, we’re explaining the benefits of outsourcing cold calling services. After going through these benefits in detail, you’ll get a concrete answer to “why outsource sales?”

Why outsource sales? It’s cost effective.

Want to know the cost of an employee? Take a resource’s basic salary and multiply it by 1.85. This covers every likely expense you’ll pay the employee—these expenses include the cost of the desk, computer, telephone, software licenses, and more. Additionally, it’s important to factor in pension, redundancy, the cost of time spent training and managing your internal team of cold callers. All of this is calculated before you even start seeing a profit.

When you outsource cold callers, you save all the additional costs that you have to spend on an internal sales team.

Managing time well

Businesses mostly outsource cold calling services because they want their sales team to pitch in front of qualified leads. The time required in finding and nurturing leads is massive, so businesses may want to outsource the cold calling work to dedicated resources. These outsourced resources will call up prospects, set up meetings, and then pass the lead details to an internal sales team so that they can follow up.

Getting transparent and measurable results

When you outsource cold calling and other sales functions, you won’t spend time managing a team and analyzing its performance for different telemarketing campaigns every day. A dependable sales outsourcing partner will consistently update you about the campaign’s performance by providing regular reports and ongoing support.

Introducing a new level of flexibility

Cold calling doesn’t suit everyone. Your in-house sales team may not be comfortable with the concept of calling complete strangers and pitching them your products and services, or may feel that their experience precludes them from having to perform a task better suited to less seasoned salespeople. However, you won’t have to think about all of this if you’re working with an outsourced sales team that’s dedicating its full expertise and time to targeted calls.

The requirements of any telemarketing campaign may shift from call volumes to data requirements. With a trusted outsourced sales team, you can bring on sales expertise depending on project requirements.

Outsourcing gives businesses a huge market of telemarketers and a never-seen-before opportunity to improve business productivity cost-effectively, letting them tackle new markets and ideal customer profiles that can bring better results.

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